Who is

With 30 years of experience in doing local, regional, national and international (Christian) youth work, I can call myself a true experience expert. I have done youth work within churches and organizations as a volunteer but also as a professional.

It is my passion and calling to be involved in youth work in one way or another. My belief in the God of the Bible is a basis for this, but I always value the relational aspect. Guiding young people in their growth towards (mental) maturity.

I want to show young people who God and Jesus is, nothing more and nothing less. This gives you very nice and deep conversations. But in working with young people in 30 years, it also gives very nice ties and friendships that are not just for a moment but forever. I have been able to guide young people but also adults in their walk of life. Sometimes for a short time, sometimes longer. My heart goes out to the human in the human. What moves someone and how can I contribute as a coach / mentor. Accomplish together!

I was allowed to sow a seed of God’s love and with some I was actually able to see that this had fully blossomed. Not with others, I am honest about that. And that is something that I find very important. In our relationship we are also honest with young people and not just with young people but with everyone. They are looking for authentic people and people with a mask they can easily see through it. I also believe that every person is looking for authentic Christians.

My story cannot be summarized in a few words. But through Bright Light coaching I am ready for you. Please contact me for a further introduction.

Greetings, Miquel

ps: Personal information has been stolen from my Linkedin profile, therefore i closed a lot of the public information.

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